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Content For Creatives. #creativemindsclub

A little about me

The time is now. Time to connect. Time to create. Time to take a chance. Make a change.  Capitalize on the present. Become a catalyst.  Captivate. Combine the crazy, the calm, the complex. Compose something beautiful and lovely and different. And continue.  Consume yourself in the process. Collect memories and moments and knowledge. And conquer the world.  Share your content.  Connect with me. Create with me. The time is now. Corrine&Co.

My Story

Corrine&co began with a simple concept: to connect and to create. Steve Jobs once said, “Creativity is just connecting things,” and my goal is to help you do just that- to create captivating content for creative, like-minded individuals.  Content for creatives. By a creative.  Let’s connect. Let’s create. And let’s continue the story of Corrine&co and the #creativemindsclub.

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404A, Health Street
San Fransisco, CA


+00 125 456 8754


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